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Affordable and Aggressive criminal DUI divorce lawyer


 I have a proven record of jury trials and having my client acquitted. Call me now. No case is hopeless. Fight for your rights. 

   "Remember,  Civil cases are trial by combat. Whoever is the strongest wins the  case. No.... this is not fair. But this has been the law for 10,000  years. So out wit, out play, out spend and out smart your opponent."
    Litigation doesn't have to be  expensive.  If you are willing to fight hard, be reasonable and gamble  the odds. I am a no nonsense, hard hitting, honest trial attorney.  I  have the experience and knowledge to help you with your legal problem.   Call me at 303-758-8349 and if you tell me your goals/what you want, I  will answer the three key questions that a prospective client should  ask:  
 1)  What type of case do I have and what are my odds of winning?

 2)  What strategy should I use and what are my options?

 3)  What are the costs involved and what are some different strategies to reduce my expense?

If  you are looking for the best trial lawyer you can afford, an affordable  good attorney who is aggressive, experienced and reasonably inexpensive  (cheap), you found him. I handle all family law cases such as divorce,  child custody, parenting time, paternity, juvenile, contested divorces,  non-contested divorces, contempt of court and child support actions. I  litigate personal injury, worker’s compensation, auto accidents, back  injuries, and whip lash claims. My criminal law practice is thriving  with proven jury trial results in DUI, DWAI, drunk driving, sexual  assault, theft, marijuana, drugs and domestic violence. I have the  experience to work in all Colorado courts such as U.S. Federal court,  U.S. Bankruptcy court, the City and County of Denver, as well as  Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson and Douglas counties.



We diligently and competently handle all family law, criminal and personal injury cases such as:

*Theft / Forgery                                    *Divorce Custody & Child Support

*DUI - DWAI crimes                            *Worker's compensation

*Bankruptcy - we are a full debt relief agency authorized under the bankruptcy code.

*Paternity and Juvenile cases               *Driver's License / Motor Vehicle/DMV       

*Assault and Harassment                      *Restraining and Protection Orders

*Sexual Assault                                     *Adoption  cases

*Domestic Violence                               *Drugs Cases/Possession

*Contempt trials                                    *Father's parenting time rights  

*Auto Accidents                                    *Personal Injury cases



Helpful Links

  1)  Colorado Bar Association, with plenty of information about Colorado law and procedure:

 2) legal questions and expert advice, with reviews of my work:

 3)  Colorado Courts home page, with free information about the Court  systems of Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe and Douglas counties:

 4)  Free Colorado court forms for divorce, child custody, parenting  time, allocation of parental responsibilities can be found here.  Remember, these are basic forms. They really don’t work well unless you  have a simple, non-contested case:

 5)  Free Colorado child support calculator which works in most child  support courts such as Denver, Boulder, Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas  counties:

 6)  The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with plenty of DUI,  restoration of driver’s license and basic driver’s license information:  Try or   


For a free telephone consultation, call my office at  303-758-8349 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. We handle most family law, criminal law, personal injury, DUIs, felonies, misdemeanors, and divorce law. Visit our new  website at 

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